How to Deal With Depression After Losing a Job?

Posted by Junaid August 10, 2010

Deal With Depression After Losing a Job
How to Deal With Depression After Losing a Job
It could happen as soon as you hear the words from your boss that you are losing your job. It could happen days or weeks later. But the truth is that sooner or later you might feel the heavy grip of depression upon becoming unemployed-and in this economy, many people are feeling it. It is perfectly normal to feel this way in such a situation. Luckily, there are ways you can cope with the blues-here are some.


 Step 1.


 Seek professional help if needed. First and foremost is to seek help from those that are trained to do so. Talking to a therapist is nothing to be ashamed about; they are there to help you. You may be able to find low-cost counseling or your previous employer may offer services. If you can't speak with a pro, a good venting session with a friend is always beneficial.

Step 2.

 Get active. You would be surprised at how a good run around the block helps with anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins and relieves stress. Getting more exercise will also get you in shape. Let's face it; most Americans are out of shape. Why not take your downtime into you own hands and get into shape? This is a wonderful way to use extra time and relieve stress-and make fitness a priority.

Step 3.

Be open with your loved ones. Talk to your family. This is not the time to be proud or shoulder the burden. Your loved ones are going to need to know the facts if they are going to help you. Be completely open with your feelings and your family will appreciate you for it.


Step 4.


 Talk to friends. It's easy to abandon your friends after losing your job, but having your friends around will make it easier for you. Some of them might be in the same boat as you. Hiding in your house doesn't solve the problems. Get out in the world and socialize. This is also a great opportunity to spend time with the pals that you wouldn't normally have time for.

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