Google has announced its new Adsense beta Interface version which is really looking great.After the new  
Adwords interface now Google started working towards the Adsense interface and announced the Version 3 beta,which is looking extremely cool,when compared to the older one.You have Ajax powered smooth and dynamic interface,which is very easy to navigate with the things.There are many things changed like when you want to see your Total earnings you need to select the tab in the older one but in the new version The total earnings and also the Today’s earning will be displayed when you login.See this bellow screen-shot..

See this bellow list of features given by Google team….
  1. Comprehensive performance reports: View your daily stats in graph format, and gain insight into your performance with new metrics detailing the amount you’re earning from different ad types, targeting types, and bid types.
  2. Quicker account maintenance: We’ve streamlined the process for a number of common tasks to help you get things done more quickly. Whether you’re updating your contact information or editing a number of ad units at the same time, you’ll find that these types of tasks require fewer clicks and less account navigation than before.
  3. Prominent help links: There’s now help content available on every page, so you’ll be able to quickly find answers to your questions while navigating through your account.
  4. Easier access to online resources: Visit the redesigned Resources page, where you can find the latest content from the Inside AdSense blog, our YouTube channel, and our Twitter account, all within your own account.
  5. Renamed features: We’ve updated the names of several features in your account, in an effort to more clearly explain their purpose. While we hope the new names are more intuitive, if you’re unclear what they do, refer to the help links on the page or in the sidebar.
So start using the beta version so you can feel comfortable with it…

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