Virus - Formating whole HDD

Posted by Junaid July 19, 2010

The following coding is a type of virus which will delete the whole data stored in the Hard Disk...
Better not to try on your own computer...

Copy this coding and paste it in notepad. Save it with any name with extension .bat
The .bat is must or it'll not working

@echo offcolor 0f
REM: This and the following commands won't be shown on the console.
REM: Now the console's color is green text on black screen. Scary!echo Deleting Critical System Files...
REM: Everything that starts with "echo" is printed at the screen.
REM: It is _not_ really done!echo del *.*ping -n 4>nul
REM: Unfortunately there is no command to stop the programm for a few seconds.
REM: But this would be cool, because the user needs time to read the output and
REM: it must look like the computer is working on the things we "echo"'d above.
REM: So what the above command does is: Sending four "pings" at itself.
REM: Each ping lasts one second. So it's the best way to wait for four seconds.
REM: The output of ping is redirected to nowhere (>nul) so it isn't shown anywhere echo Deletion Successfulping -n 2>nul
REM: You can set the number of pings by changing the number behind the "-n"echo:
REM: "Echo:" makes an empty line. (Like a break)
echo Deleting Root Partition...
ping -n 2>nul
echo del %SYSTEMROOT%ping -n 4>nul
echo Deletion Successfulping -n 2>nul
echo WARNING: Trojan File download Started
echo cd C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\
ping -n 1>nul
echo mkdir h4xping -n 3>nul
echo Trojan virus "juggarnaut" download complete
echo Windows Vista ROM: /deleted
ping -n 3>nulecho start hax.exeping -n 3>nul
echo SYNtax ERROR: all files corrupt
ping -n 2>nul
echo Disabling Windows Firewall...
ping -n 2>nul
echo Total system MALfunction
ping -n 2>nul
echo Allowing virus to boot from startup...
ping -n 2>nul
echo Deleting C: Hard drive/ documens / castlerp
ping -n 2>nul
shutdown -s -t 10 -c "FATAL ERROR: system malfunction in process.

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