Kill the non-responding programs immediately

Posted by Junaid July 19, 2010

Sometimes we get our computer more loaded than its limit. Then we have to kill some nonworking working program which have made our system busy. This is a simple trick to kill the non-responsive/nonworking programs that you often use.

While pressing CTRL+ ALT+DELETE, when a program is not responding, and choosing to kill the task may take several time. Especially it may take time to load taskmanager when you have more than two non-responsive windows.
At that situation simply use the following command:


Go to Start> Run

taskkill /f /im programname.exe

/f parameter refers to force the taskkill.
/im parameter refers to kill the other linking tasks that may be causing problem.

When you type the command and press OK button, it will load a MS-DOS window and fade out promptly and in no time you’ll see your non-responsive window being closed.

For example,
For non-responsive photshop:
Taskkill /f /im photoshop.exe

For non-responsive firefox:
Taskkill /f /im firefox.exe

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