A Keylogger is basically a spy ware, it records all your keystrokes.

Here is how a keylogger 


  • By recording each keystroke and immediately dispatching it to remote listener over internet
  • By collecting keystrokes data in a temporary file and then uploading it via internet
  • The collected keystrokes are never sent via internet instead they are collected in a temporary file and then if someone has access to your system either physical or remote they collect this data manually.
  • Finally the hardware keyloggers: these are actually hardware devices that include a little flash memory to record all your keystrokes,and then the person collects this data manually

So why do I need a Anti Keylogger when I have an 


Well I agree that most anti viruses offer or at least claim to offer security against keyloggers,but here comes the interesting part why not test your anti-virus below is a link to a small software that will check whether you are secure or not. Run various tests in it and then you will see how easily it records your keystrokes and desktop screen-shots.

So i hope now you know why you need a anti keylogger.
It’ also available as a firefox addon. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3383/
For more info visit their website : http://www.qfxsoftware.com

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