A good Twitter background is necessary if you want to convert your first time profile visitors into your followers. There are hundreds of sites that provide backgrounds for free which you can use or use your own imagination.

Now, let me introduce you to Twilk – an online tool that creates amazing backgrounds by adding profile picture of your followers.  Its a nice way to show your followers you adore them and it looks cool too.

Here’s an example :-


To get your own background, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open www.twilk.com in your favorite browser.

Step 2. Click on the “Get Started” button and a new twitter page will open asking for access to your account. Click on Allow.

Twilk Settings Page

Step 3. You will be redirected to the Settings page. You can decide whose faces you want on your background – people you follow, people following you, both following and followers, and people you follow that follow you back. Then choose between the other options such as Photo size, Confetti etc. (Confetti option will add a scattering effect to the pictures)

When you’re done, click on the “Preview These Settings” button.

Step 4. Wait for a while till it gathers information about your account i.e. profile pictures of your followers.
A new page will open with a preview of how your background image will look like. Click on Edit if you wish to change anything. By default a banner of twilk will be added to the background in the free version. (Scroll down to find how you can remove it PLUS get extra great features)

twilk preview [How to] Add Profile Pictures of your Twitter Followers on your Background

People are sorted by how much you mention their user name ( @ replies, retweets, etc ) in your Twitter feed.

If you like it then Click on Use Background to set it as your Twitter Background :)

Premium Version – Advantages over the Free version

There’s a premium version available also in which you can remove that banner of Twilk (added by default in free version) on the upper left. To remove it you will have to subscribe to Pro version for a very small fee of $5. With the pro version you will get some awesome features like:
  • No Twilk Ad: the Twilk logo won’t show up on your background, you can upload your own custom logo or whatever you wish for the upper left of your background.
  • Daily Auto-Updates: You won’t have to visit Twilk regularly to update your background with new followers. Save your time by letting it update your background automatically for you.With the free version, you must come back to Twilk.com to update your background.
  • Exclude People: if you don’t want competitors showing up.
  • Feature People: to show how much they mean to you.
Click here to know more about the premium plan And/Or Subscribe to it

Twilk is a great service and its definitely worth a try. If you like it then I would recommend you to get the premium version, it give you so many features for so less.

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