Generating Menus in CSS3

Posted by Junaid August 5, 2010

CSS3 today is being the warm talk of webmasters and bloggers. The presence of CSSS3 is considered to bring the fresh breeze for web developers because the features of CSS3 are so amazing.

One example of the features is the easiness of button menu or navigation creation. With CSS3, creating the rounder navigation button no longer needs the help of pictures or JavaScript, so the loading process will be faster.

Well, for those of you who like the menu with the amazing effects generated by CSS3 now do not need to be very upset because you can create it within minutes withCSS3 menu Generator.


The original name of this application is the CSS3 menu 1.2, but just for my own taste, I add the word “generator” behind it. 

With the application of CSS3 Menu, you can create variety of beautiful menu as the effect results of CSS3 only within minutes. To view the live demo generated by CSS3 menu, you can see here.

If you want to try, please download directly here at download CSS3 Menu.

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