As you probably know the loading speed of your site is a very important factor. Not only it affects the user experience, but it is also used as a search ranking parameter by Google now.

In the past I talked about some tools you can use to test and optimize the loading speed of your site, but a couple of weeks ago I came across a new one that is worth a mention, too.

You can find it on First of all you need to input the URL of your website, choose a geographical location to perform the test, select a couple of options and then click on “Submit.”
It takes 30 seconds or so to complete the test, and then you’ll see a results page like this one:


You’ll get the loading time of your website on the first and second visit (these numbers will be different if you use caching. The tool also gives you a grade on 6 areas (Keep-alive, text compressions, image compressions, caching, CSS and JS combination, CDN), and detailed graphs explaining what optimization steps you failed at and what elements make most of your page’s size.

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