If a website do not have RSS, then you can use the following methods to get its updates...

Google Reader:-


Google has a solution for almost everything. This isn’t an exception. When you input a Page into the “Add Subscription” box that doesn’t have a feed, it will offer to generate a feed for you. Probably the best and easiest method to get updates.

Website Monitoring Services:-

This is the next best method to track websites for updates. There are many websites out there that specialize in monitoring the websites. All you have to do is enter your email address, along with the address of the website that you want to monitor.
The ones that I felt easiest are:-
Follow That Page

Browser Extensions

As always, IE users have nothing to be happy about. As far as Firefox and Chrome users are concerned, there are a few addon/extensions like Update Scanner for Firefox; Page Monitor for Chrome. These are pretty handy tools that save a lot of time and are easy to manage.

Google Alerts
google alert logo 5 Best ways to track websites for updates, that do not offer RSS

This is another product from Google, that will help you track websites for updates. All you need to do is simply use the “site:” search term, along with something unique to the website, such as the header text on article postings, or a term in page titles.
Yahoo! Pipes
Yahoo pipes 5 Best ways to track websites for updates, that do not offer RSS

Yahoo! Pipes allows you to build data mashups of feeds, web pages, and other services using a graphical interface. This is for advanced users. If you need help regarding how to configure it, please visit Jalaj.net

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