Calculators are often overlooked as a simple utility, but you might be surprised by how much they increase user interaction on your site. If a user finds your calculator extremely useful, he’s likely to bookmark your site so that he doesn’t have to search for it the next time. You may not be aware of the variety of calculator plugins available for WordPress, so here’s an excellent sampling of recently updated plugins that will perform calculations on your website.

If your site depends on being able to provide some sophisticated calculations for your visitors, then WordPress has the calculator for you. Many of these can be used in combination with a BuddyPress site to promote a community that’s based on mutual interests and goals, such as running, losing weight, or getting out of debt.

Mortgage Calculator Sidebar Widget

A Mortgage Calculator sidebar widget that enables your visitors to calculate their monthly payments towards their mortgage.

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Mortgage Loan Calculator

This is a sidebar widget that calculates your principal and interest mortgage loan payment. You insert the loan amount and interest rate (pop up tells you to insert a number if you put anything other than a number in), choose the length of the loan from a drop-down, and press the calculate button. Your payment information is displayed.

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Financial Toolbox

The financial toolbox includes a news ticker for the latest financial news along with an integrated credit calculator.

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Net Worth Calculator

This plugin helps you keep track of your monthly assets, liabilities, and net worth. You can mark any asset or liability value as private if you do not want it to displayed.

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Debt Reduction Calculator

This plugin displays functional debt reduction/debt payoff calculator. It shows people how they can pay debt faster or how much they need to pay extra each month in order to be debt free after choosen period of time.

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BMI Calculator Widget

This plugin will let you add a fully customizable BMI calculator widget to any widget enabled space. Both standard & metric input options and full color customization to match your theme exactly are available.

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Zodiac Calculator

This plugin provides sidebar widget that displays your visitors’ Chinese and/or Western zodiac signs based on their date of birth without reloading the page.

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Runner’s Log

This plugin let you convert your blog into a training log and let you track your distance, time, calories and calculate your speed, time per km(or miles), and let you have advance statistics. It includes a Training Zones Calculator, VDOT calculator, V02maxulator Calculator, Race Time Calculator, Training Pace Calculator, Body Mass Index Calculator, Calculate Predicted effect of change in weight.

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Blog or Website Value Calculator

This is a plug-in that gives you a nice tidy widget to display your blog’s current estimated value in dollars. This information is displayed to you and your visitors to demonstrate just how much hard work you have put into your blog.

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Math Calculator

This is a simple calculator can be used for quick on site calculations. Check for a demo of this calculator.

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NACC WordPress Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin implementation of the N.A. Cleantime Calculator. When you use the shortcode for the plugin, it will calculate and display cleantime.

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Time Zone Calculator

This plugin calculates, displays and automatically updates times and dates in different timezones with respect to daylight saving. The calculator uses AJAX and is based on the PHP timezones database.

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Overweight Calculator

This plugin displays functional overweight calculator / BMI calculator. It can be used to check the user’s Body Mass Index and suggest the recommended weight range.

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Love Calculator

This love calculator evaluates the compatibility of two people based on names. The score range from 0%-100%. The higher the score the better. This calculator can be inserted either to the sidebar or into the post, but not both. Check for a demo of this calculator.

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Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer allows you to setup one or more dates to count down to or away from. Events can be inserted into the sidebar, either manually or as a widget, or within posts and pages.

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This plugin counts the number of users, categories, posts, comments, pages, links, tags, link-categories, words in posts, words in comments and words in pages with AJAX functionality.

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Post Stats

This plugin calculates and displays total number of words in blog posts, minimal and maximal post length, shortest and longest post (title and permalink), and estimated reading time of the blog posts. It can be displayed in the dashboard, on a sidebar widget, or before and after each post.

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Price Calc

This is a plugin that shows a n inter-active price calculator form on any post, page or widget content. Let your customers view automatic bids and cost estimates for your products and services. You can set up a set of product variations and freely define a price structure.

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