Tweaking Windows Live Messenger

Posted by Junaid July 19, 2010

You may not be satisfied with some features in Windows Live messenger. For example,  the ads that shows up at the bottom of the instant message window, or the auto sharing feature when you drag and drop the images in the IM screen, or you may even want to login to multiple accounts in MSN messenger.

Tweaking Windows Live messenger requires hex-editing of msnmsgr.exe and the offset location changes whenever it gets updated. Every body may not want to go that deep just to change the basic things.

Well if you are reading this post then this is good news for you. Because I am introducing you to the patch that enables you to choose large options to tweak Windows Live messenger according to your need.
To use this utility, make sure that windows live messenger is closed.

You can kill the Windows Live messenger from taskmanager by killing msnmsgr.exe. or just right click on the Messenger icon at the system tray and select exit.

Now you can run the Patch utility software. Select Patch Messenger from the option and click next.
Then you’ll be welcomed with the numbers of checkbox available. Check it according to your need.

Download the Patch from HERE (choose the correct version of Windows Live Messenger before downloading)

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