This will work on win vista and win7 but with some compatibility issues.
When you get this error just click run program.

First you will need to download this.


Included in the folder.
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition.
vs6sp5.exe --- Service Pack 5.
sdk.exe --- SDK Installation Pack.

Extract the folder.

Then proceed to the folder you extracted and open folder C++ and run setup.exe.
Enter this serial number when prompted. 873-2478824
When prompted, press the typical button.
When prompted, tick the box, register environment variables.
And click ok.

Once the installation has completed a box will appear asking you if you want to install msdn. un-tick the box and click next.
And in the next box click finish.
That's VB6 installed.


Next we need to install the service pack.
Create a new folder on the desktop.
Then run the file, vs6sp5.exe, extract the files to the new folder you just created.
Once finished, navigate to the folder you created, and run the file setupsp5.exe
Once complete you will be asked to restart windows.
That's the service pack installed.

Before we can proceed to the next step, you must run Microsoft Visual c++ 6.0. And then reboot your system.
This so it register its variables.

Note the sdk pack is very temperamental, try not to use anything else at all whist its installing, if it fails just keep trying
It tuck me 3 attempts before it actually completed. (On win7)

Before we install the sdk, we must make it compatible.

To do this right click on sdk.exe and left click properties.
1, Click the compatibility tab.
2, In the new window tick the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
3, In the drop down menu select windows 95.
4, Tick the box "Run this program as an Administrator"

See screen shots below.

Know we can install the sdk pack, run sdk.exe
Leave everything as default and just click next until the install starts.

Note this install can take up to 60 minutes to complete.

Once complete we know need to add the directories for the sdk to Microsoft Visual c++ 6.0.
So start your Microsoft Visual c++ 6.0, and select options under tools.

In the new dialog box that appears select the directories tab

Proceed to add the following files in this exact order, and then place them at the top.

c:\program files\microsoft platform sdk
c:\program files\microsoft platform sdk\bin
c:\program files\microsoft platform sdk\include
c:\program files\microsoft platform sdk\lib

Please see screen shots for a clear step by step guide.

Once this is complete you may know start to compile your bots.

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