How to Hack with Ardamax Keylogger? Tutorial

Posted by Junaid July 19, 2010

Download the files from this site:

I do not hold myself responsible for any trouble
and/or damages that u may cause with this knowledge
that i am providing for you. This video is for
So basically, if you get in trouble, it aint my fault,
i was just showing you something :) bt u wont, unless
u send it to a cop or somethin :p

Step 1:
Start by disabling your antivirus/spyware software.
Then open your internet browser and navigate to the link provided in
the description. Download the "Ardamax Keylogger 2.7.rar"
file and save it to your desktop!

Step 2:
Extract the .rar file to your desktop,
then run the setup_akl.exe,
follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Step 3:
Now, u need to register.
Right click on the little notepad and pen icon, and choose
"Enter registration key"
leave that open, and find your ardamax folder on your desktop.
Open the serial.txt and copy and paste in the correct boxes!

Step 4:
It's time to configure ardamax to work on your pc before we
make it ready for sending to a friend. Right click on the tray
icon, then choose options and follow the
instructions on the screen.

Step 5:
Your almost ready to send this to a friend.
Open your internet browser (or a new tab) and navigate
to ""
Now, u need to register/sign in to your aim account.
Click mail, and once you're there, click inbox,
you can now minimize your internet browser if you want.
(Unless your watching this video on it!)

Step 6:
Now the fun part.
Time to make the file to send to your friends. Follow
the instructions carefully, this is REALLY important.
Everything should match what is on the screen accept your
Username, and Password!
Also make sure u change port to 587 (it's important)

Step 7:
Ok. you're basically done.
This next part is just me sending it to my friend lol.
(Pretty funny how quick he fell for it.)
There are many ways to send this, but i chose the easiest :)
Check it out....!

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