If you want to learn how to draw the human body step by step in different steps, PoseManiacs supports all artists, including art students and people who study illustrations and mangas on your own. This site is for uploading variety of human body poses for sketching, and introduces other flash training tools for drawing.

PoseManiacs (link) – Online 3D Human Body Viewing Tool

Whether you are a life drawing enthusiast, an artist looking for some practice or just thinking about getting into drawing human body forms, PoseManiacs is here to help you learn how to draw the human body step by step.

Learn How to Draw Human Body Step by Step in 
Different Poses

You can view this in 360 view by moving mouse.

Their website comprises thousands of poses made of 3D models wrapped around with a muscle texture that enables the artist to see the muscle position and behavior. Each pose is viewable from any angle, artists can find a complex foreshortening angle or an easier one by simply rotating the camera around.
There are some other interesting features like:

30 Second Drawing Tool : This tool mimics an actual life drawing class where the artist starts warming up by gestural drawings, big and fluid strokes following the model’s poses on a given time. This tool is customizable for different posing durations and visual components that adapt to every artist needs.
Learn How to Draw Human Body Step by Step in Different 
Poses Hands for Drawing : Every artist knows that drawing human body’s hands is a intricate task. This drawing tool lets the artist choose from a variety of hand poses, once he finds what he is looking for he can rotate the camera around and zoom in and out.

Some other great drawing tools include Random Pose Viewer and Widgets.
PoseManiacs is doing a remarkable job in integrating art and technology, their online drawing tools encourage artists from around the globe to keep studying the extraordinary human figure.

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