How to Change Folder Background Image in Windows?

Posted by Junaid July 20, 2010

Its quite easy to change folder backgroungd image or the folder wallpaper to be precise. We’ve reviewed a few free softwares as well as a manual video guide to help to know how to change folder background image in windows.

# Softwares to Change Folder Background Image

Custom Folder (Link) – Change Folder Background in One Click

This software is called Custom Folder is freeware and requires no installation. It’s easy, you can choose the folder and thanks to a push button rather brief and minimal, if choose to use a monochromatic background image or set on your computer.

Custom Folder Change Folder Background in One Click

You can also choose a set of icons to modify those inside that folder to your subject editing. If you do not like the end result, you may want to go back and restore the previous graphics folder.

Vista Folder Background (link) – Add "Change Folder Background" in Folder Options

In Vista, Seven the ability to have custom backgrounds in explorer folders is gone. This small application makes folder backgrounds possible again.

Vista Folder Background Change Folder Background in Folder

With the latest update, a background can be automatically applied to subfolders ie, Not only folders, this application adds background to all sub folders also. After installing simply right click a folder an check the Folder Background tab for settings.

Windowpaper XP (link) – Add a Wallpaper to Folders

Windowpaper XP Add a Wallpaper to Folders

Get the newest version of Windowpaper XP! Some features include: 1-2-3 interface, change folder background images/colors, change icon text colors, batch folder customizations, add HTML content to your folders, and more! With Windowpaper XP you can put wallpaper in the back of any window—just like your desktop.
# Manually Change Folder Background Image

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