3 sec USB spreading virus - Not Detected

Posted by Junaid July 19, 2010

Plug your USB into your victims computer, wait 3 seconds then BAM!! INFECTED!!

1. Detected on ONLY ONE anti-virus (BitDefender) as "Gen:Trojan.TaskDisabler.jm0@a8ePtBni"
2. Disables task manager
3. Blocks mouse input
4. Blocks keyboard input
5. Auto-run enabled
6. Kills ScreenSaver
7. Deletes anti-viruses
8. Kills anti-virus processes
9. Kills tasklist, taskeng, taskmgr
10. Deletes cursors
11. Blocks google and other sites
12. Kills explorer
13. Disable form unloads
14. Replace GUI interface

Author: Rodkzf
Full Virus Name: Xodezo aka Gen:Trojan.TaskDisabler.jm0@a8ePtBni
Copyright: © Copyright 2010 Rodkzf Software. All rights reserved.
Version: Alpha One
Visibility: 1/20 (5%)
No. of Features: 14
Time to infect: 3 Seconds
Auto-infect: Yes
Tested: 3 Times (69.4% Stable)
Source Type: Closed
Item Size: 29.07KB
Infect Type: Removable Devices

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